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Monitor the progress of each project and provide communication between field and office staff. Oversee human and material resources to avoid project operational stoppages.

Forget about discrepancies, loss of information, evidence that does not arrive on time and incomplete reports from contractors.

  • Common challenges for a Telecommunications company

    ● Report delays for the company and clients

  • ● Low reliability on time and location records

  • ● Lack of control of operation required tools and equipment

  • ● In addition, validation progress for programmed vs real project progress.

How do we help a Telecommunications company?

● Timely reports for decisión making
● Use electronic signatures for services approval and conformity.
● Validate field staff activities.
● Create operation alerts.
● Upload guides and conditions for a good work execution.

Common uses for DABI in a Telecommunications company

Who can use DABI in Telecommunications industry?

Project engineers

Site manager

Site supervisor

Quality Director

Maintenance manager

Innovation manager

Implementation Director