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You can use our application for real time personnel supervision

You can also generate automatic work orders and supplies for installation. You can also increase your control of your information for corrective actions, attendance and staff turnover.

  • Common challenges for a security company

    Security companies handle a large volume of data and do not have sufficient tools to manage it and look to make their work processes simple, practical and reliable, so among the most common challenges are:

  • ● There is no systematic method for service quality evaluation .

  • ● It is hard to supervise field staff.

  • ● Additionally, corrective actions are scattered and without follow-up.

  • ● Client reports are often out of date and not precise

How do we help a Security company?

● Supervise staff attendance
● Get information of your staff located in different sites
● Supervise precisely staff actions and routes
● Promptly notify corrective actions
● Automatically trigger alerts and notifications to those involved in the process.

Common uses of DABI in a Security company

Who can use DABI in a Security company?




Projects and Services


Service management

Regional supervisors