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Today, operational teams neglect documentation, inspection and administrative control activities in production and supply areas due to their continuous operation.
Additionally they usually don’t have the time required to complete the complete administrative procedures, while on the ground or on site.
Likewise, the supply areas frequently require the continuous updating of prices, suppliers and products,

Problems and solution for Production and Procurement

No record of production times and cycles outside the machines

Lack of information for an adequate attention of production failures and maintenance.

In addition, sometimes there is not enough control for materials input and optput

How can DABI help Production and Procurement?

You can use DABI to measure the time for each production chain activities and have the information in real time.

You can also use the information for production planning and find opportunity áreas.

In addition, you have an accurate record of your supplies and materials across the process chain.


Common use of DABI in Production and Maintenance

Produccion y Abastecimiento

Information availability along the production process

How: Product measurements record, work order, inspection record log, supplies record, among many more

Documentation compliance

How: Internal audit and compliance checklists, work permits, check list for, among many more.

Follow up of events and maintenance

How: Emergency and failure reports, preventive and corrective maintenance checklist, among many more.

Who can use our solution?

Production management

Plant management

Maintenance management

Audit management

Project engineering

Operations management

Continuous Improvement management

Discover our digital solution application uses for each area of your company