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Improve general services in different areas of your company with just one tool. We help you centralize your entire operation. Our application goes hand in hand with your Company evolution to help you grow. We help you integrate the information from your operations with your current administration system.

  • Common challenges

    Companies look for simple, easy and reliable processes.

    They require quality information, increased quality operation and productivity maximization.

  • More challenges found:

  • ● Lack of evidence and validation

  • ● Service quality is not adequately assessed.

  • ● Delayed reports to clients

  • ● Reduce the billing cycle

  • ● View failures or delays in assigned jobs

  • ● Document all work for audit compliance

  • ● Use data intelligence to Schedule future services

  • ● Reduce time for information capture and automate report generation

How do we help a business?

● Custom made forms
- Use mobile forms to capture and provide real time Access of the information of your company and client. Then you can have the information when it is more appropriate

● Consolidate your information
- All the information is stored in real time, so it can be available anytime. You can also work offline.

● Create deliverables with evidence.
- You can review the information anytime and in any format.

● Real time analysis
- Your custom reports can be downloaded, shared and you can also interact with them anytime.

● Integrations
- DABI can interact with many packages and systems so you can have your whole information in one place.

Common uses of DABI

Who can use DABI?

Project engineers

Site managers

Site supervisors

Quality director

Innovation manager

Maintenance manager

Operations director