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Use our application to instantly trace all service and review the status of your machinery

Detect opportunity areas in your operation with timely and relevant information.

  • Common challenges for Industrial Machinery

    ● Unreliable time and location records.

  • ● Customer and company reports delays

  • ● In addition, lack of control for field personnel attendance, also management and proof of performed services.

  • ● Reduce the services billing cycle.

How do we help Industrial Machinery companies?

● Review staff activities and routes with greater precision; immediately check what is happening in the field.
● Create automatic reports with photographs and field captured information
● Use DABI to collect electronic signatures to immediately approve the services performed.
● You can validate the activities carried out by the field staff.

Common uses of DABI for Machinery

Who can use DABI for Industrial Machinery management?

Maintenance management

Operation managemenent

Field supervision

General Management

General Management