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When working on machinery inspection and maintenance as well as service units, many complications arise to ensure the right task accomplishment by the operations personnel and to generate reports to identify the current asset state and timely notify failures and events.

Challenges and solutions for Inspection and Maintenance

Delay on information delivery.

Also, lack of work evidence

In addition, lack of compliance on schedule maintenances.

How does DABI solution help Inspections and Maintenance?

With DABI you can Access the information the moment it is captured on the field.

Also, you can include photographic evidence, signatures and the scheduled programs detail in an organized way.

In addition, you can use a Web portal to measure and assess compliance with work orders dispatches, automatic reminders and view all the orders status.


Common applications of our solution by Inspections and Maintenance

Inspeccion y Mantenimiento

Inspection and track of equipment and facilities

How: Inspection checklist, service and work order, installation report, maintenance report, among many more.

Scheduled maintenance compliance

How: drills, maintenance, inspection, and audit reports, in addition to preventive and autonomous maintenance, among many more.

Timely attention to failures.

How: Failures and corrective actions reports, forms to maintenance request, control and incident record among many more

Who can use our solution?

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Maintenance Management

Purchasing Management

Treasury Management


Logistics Management

Operations Management

Discover our digital solution application uses for each area of your company