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it is of vital importance for companies to operate their assets with updated information on their quantity and state, in addition to manage high and low inventories and count on the traceability and history of movements, as well as their exact location

Challenges and solutions for Asset Management

Information about the location of material resources.

Inventories, machinery and unit loss or theft.

In addition, delays in the output of materials or machinery in service.

How does DABI help Asset Management?

With DABI you get a timely record of the location of the company's assets.

In addition, you get a complete history of the personnel that makes use of your units and machinery.

Also, you get a complete history of the personnel use your units and machinery..


Common applications of our solution for Asset Management

GestiĆ³n de Activos

Inspection and track of units and tools in the field

How: Checklists for vehicle, machinery, tools and equipment inspection, among many more.

Inventory monitoring.

How: Input and output of warehouse materials, shipping referrals, receipt and status of materials and machinery, among many more.

Machinery and equipment maintenance

How: Work orders, preventive and corrective maintenance, annual inspection of equipment and facilities, among many more.

Who can use our solution?

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Purchasing Management

Accounts Payable Management

Project Engineering

Maintenance Management

Logistics Management

Operations Direction

Discover our digital solution application uses for each area of your company