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All companies are subject to standards and regulations, so they look for technology that helps them to organize and control the information and documentation that are required to have to comply with those standards.

Problems and solutions for Quality Control departments

Inspections are not carried out in a timely manner

Also, there is loss of records and documentation required

In addition, there are failures in the information capturev

How can our DABI solution help Quality Control?

You can schedule your daily, weekly of monthly inspections

Also, you can have your activity information centralized and secure.

In addition, you can reduce capture erros via catalogs, automatic calculations and business rules.


Common applications for Quality Control

Control de Calidad

Site and facility inspections.

How: Patrol and inspection report, checklists, inspection log, among many more.

Documentation compliance for internal and external audits

How: Internal audit checklists, work permits, compliance checklists, among many more.

Service quality measurement

How: Compliance checklist, quality and customer satisfaction survey, arrival and departure of staff, among many more.

Who can use our solution?

Quality Management

Maintenance Management

Audit Management

Project Engineering

Operations Management

Continual improvement Management

Warehouse Personnel

Learn about the main uses you can get with our digital solutions for each area of ​​your company