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With our mobile fom application and business form management, you can consolidate all the information in one place, so you can control your operations simultaneously, managing in a timely manner human and material resources. You can also measure, supervise and control your personnel and obtain reports at the moment. It's that easy, that's how DABI is!

  • Common challenges of a Construction company

    ● Project advance measurement.

  • ● Materials inventory update.

  • ● General estimates support

How do we help a construction company?

● Compare real daily advances against the programmed ones.
● Estimate expenses instantly.
● Capture and centralize all data.
● Get an instant overview of all your supplies and tools.
● Interact with specialized construction software.

Common use of DABI Mobile Form Application in a Construction Company

Who can use DABI in the Construction industry?

Construction Manager

Construction Supervisors


Zone Coordinators


Project Managers

Project Designers