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Companies handle a large number of tasks and activities nowadays. There is a need to prioritize the following up of clients and prospects in the most appropriate way. It is essential to visualize the activities performed by the out-of-office sales area and all the documentation of their requirements

Problems and solutions for Commercial and Sales Force Area

Unnecessary delays to process customer requirements.

Also, you cannot visualize all the sales force activities.

Additionally, there is not adequate client follow up.

What can you do with our mobile form solutions for Commercial and Sales Force?

You can generate instant quotes with DABI mobile forms.

Also, you can track and control the visits of your sales staff.

Additionally, you can create a fast and efficient communication channel between the sales staff and the customer.


Common uses of our mobile form application for Commercial and Sales Force Areas

Comercial y Ventas

Quote management automation

How: Management of service and / or work orders, quotation on site, customers authorization, among many more.

Control activities and travel expenses of the sales force

How: Travel expenses control report, visit report, among many more.

Orders processing

How: Customer requisition, quality survey, authorization request, among many more.

Who needs our solution?

General Management

Commercial Management

Sales Management

Purchasing Management

Accounts Payable Management

Construction Management

Discover our digital solution application uses for each area of your company