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Companies need to view and access an incredible amount of data, from attendance registration thru get the talent needed to improve operation and management.

Human Resources challenges

On time reporting when information is delayed.

Ensure that the information capture is valid.

Too much time recapturing information.

How can DABI Mobile Form Solution help Human Resources and Management?

Streamline your processes with up to date information.

Reduce capture errors and include evidence to enrich information.


Common uses of our mobile form application for Management and Human Resources


Bill of Materials request.

How: Request and check list of materials and tools, purchase authorization form and many more.

Follow up recruitment

How:Open positions monitoring, candidate status and profiling among many more.

Personnel management and control

How: Arrivals on site, attendance reports, control of entrances and exits of staff among many more.

Who needs our solution?

General Management

Human Resources Management

Purchasing Management

Warehouse Management

Accounts Payable Management

Construction Management

Project Engineering

Discover our digital solution application uses for each area of your company